fredag 25. november 2022

Graduation November 2022

Tuesday 22th November:

Good evening to you all...

We are on preparations for the graduation.
Certificates... ✅

A friend donated books and pencils and we intend to give them during the graduation ceremony as part of the gifts...
We request for the remaining items so that we can be fully prepared by tomorrow.. Thank you for the support..  Have a blessed Tuesday

Thursday 24th November: 

We had a very successful event today... Thanks for your support <3

søndag 20. november 2022

Schools closing on 24th November

Good morning everyone... We hope you are doing ok. We are doing well too.. This is to let you know that we are closing schools on 24th November 2022. Which will also be our graduation day for pp1 and grade one. We require the following items for the ceremony......


This event will double up as the Christmas party for the kids... 
We are starting the end term exams today afternoon and therefore we request for 1200 shillings to enable us to buy it... We have an equivalent...( This is just a reminder to Titus .as we had requested earlier)... We are always appreciative of your help to us.... 

Have a blessed day today

Certificates 200 × 20 =4000
Gowns.        150 × 20 = 3000
Gifts........any amount
Food..... Rice 10 kg @ 130 = 1300
               Meat 5kg @ 400 = 2000
               Potatoes..                 600
               Cooking oil..... 230

mandag 17. oktober 2022

Minutes from staff meeting 14.10.22

 Good evening y'all... 

Today we held our Friday staff meeting . 
1. Margaret Mueni
2. Mary Mbocha
3. Kellis kageni
4. Mercy Kerubo
5.Evaline Auma
6. Josephine Mueni

1. Preview of previous minutes
2. Matters arising from previous minutes
3.current happenings
4. A O.B

Previous minutes were read by Margaret and proposed by kellis who was seconded by Mercy.

It was reported that the home visits had started on a high note and we all agreed to do the exercise every Thursday after school. This will enable us to have a clear picture of the most vulnerable families.
We also agreed to initially just go to one or two families per week . This home visits are necessary because we noticed that some kids come to school very hungry and we would like to know the situation at home so that we can know how to handle them.


We have noted with a lot concern that most of our children lack essential items for learning.. this includes books, pencils ,bags and uniforms... Most of the parents are earning money that is not even enough to feed the kids. 
A few of our kids miss school for 2 days to 3 days a week and on doing a follow-up the parents feel like they should stay at home as the parents go out to look for work... This has really affected the academic performance and the social life of the kids.... One family even locks the two young ones in the house because the mother leaves home at 4am to go to the dumpsite to scavenge for food.... 
Due to this , we all agreed that porridge will be made very early in the morning before lessons start so that those who are hungry can take it for breakfast... We hope this will be of help. 
2. We also noted that the premises needs to be repainted since the paint on the walls is now dirty
3. Our toilets need a cistern each because currently we get water to use in the toilets from a bucket put outside the toilet.
5. We agreed that it was still very important for the kids to venture outside our hood so that they can learn more


1.It was agreed that our pre primary 1 class and our grade 1 class needs to have a graduation ceremony... We noted that it had been long since we held the ceremony..
The following items are required for the ceremony.... 
1. Gowns
2. Certificates
3. Prizes... Gifts
4. Food
5. Drinks
6. Snacks
 We suggested the day for the above should be on 24th November as we close for the Christmas holidays...

Having no other business the meeting ended with a word of prayer...

NB.... Currently non of us has a good camera on our phones to take picture during our various activities....
We will upload pictures as soon as we are enabled

søndag 18. september 2022

Notes from Staff meeting 16th September 2022

Good evening y'all....

We have come to the end of second term 2022 today. We are grateful to God for the far He has brought us.
We are also grateful to each one of you who has in one way or another extended an helping hand of any kind to us. Feel appreciated. 
We closed today on 16th Sept and we will open on 26th Sept for the third term. We have a 10 days rest. 
We held our staff meeting today and noted the following :

1. It was a very short term ( 26 weeks instead of the usual 39 weeks)... Plus the many short breaks occasioned by politics. This really affected the academic calendar because the syllabus remains the same. We , however managed to squeeze time and work hard in order to cover the syllabus.

2. We had a lot of absenteeism. We attributed this to the political temperature with some parents opting to travel upcountry with their families. Another factor that might have contributed to absenteeism is the high cost of living which has made it difficult for parents to afford food for the families thus opting for the children to stay home. Not having food at school didn't help the situation either.
As we all know, our feeding program helps to keep the children in school because they are at least assured of two meals a day on week days. This meals include porridge during break time and a hot meal during lunch time.... Lack of food contributed so much in absenteeism.

3. We also agreed to do home visits to homes so that we can get to know which kids come from extremely vulnerable families.... This will help us to identify kids with dire needs 

4. We noted that most kids did not bring school requirements due to lack of purchasing power..... Books, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, tissues and manila papers are provided for by the parents nowadays and it's almost next to impossible for some of them though a few were able to buy....

5. We also noted that the premises needs a few repairs. This includes the water piping from the meter to the tank ( there is some spillage). The toilet doors need to be replaced, grade one floor and the corridor Infront of the kitchen need to be repaired. We also need around 5 desks because the old ones are broken beyond repair.

6. Next term will be the shortest of the other two because we will have only 9 academic weeks with no breaks in between.. it is our hope that the necessary requirements like chalks, pens, marker pens, crayons, and water colours will be available.... Especially chalks and pens.

7. Last but not least... It was suggested that if we have funds we take the children for a tour to the animal orphanage and to the ostrich farm.... .
Most of this kids have never been outside maili saba and so this tours will create memorable moments and lifetime memories to them.

We are looking forward to a more productive term next term .
Have a blessed break until next term.
1. Mercy Kerubo
2. Evaline Auma
3. Kellis kageni 
4. Margaret Mueni

1. Josephine Mueni ( has a sick child admitted in hospital)
2. Mary Mbocha ( was attending a relatives funeral)

torsdag 3. februar 2022

Jambo y'all and Happy New Month of February.

We at Happy day are continuing on well with our daily activities. We are in the process third term of 2021 academic year and so far we are grateful for all the assistance accorded to us. We are still in the covid 19 period and so times are hard for hHppy day families. Our feeding program is of great impact in keeping the kids in school because at least they are assured of getting two meals each day from Monday to Friday.... A big percentage of the kids comes from very poor families and so the food provided for in school is very essential.

Since we opened school in January we have had 3 staff meetings where the following was highlighted:

1. Minor repairs in the school
2. We need new desks ( 10 have been bought)
3. We need to reintroduce morning breakfast ( chai)
4. We need a curriculum book and teacher's guide books for all activity areas.
5. We need to have a parent's meeting
6. Our pre primary 2 and grade one need to have a graduation ceremony
7. We need to plan for an education trip outside maili Saba for all kids and staff
8. Our blackboards need to be repainted
9. We need learning materials eg... Chalks, pencils, pens( red and blue), plain papers, scissors, stick glue, manilla papers, erasers, sharpeners, water colors, crayons, and markers... And any other learning materials
10. We also discussed on time keeping and record keeping.
11. Lack of school uniform among our kids was also discussed and we realized that there was a need of coming up with a kitty that will help the school to provide uniform for those who don't have.

We will keep on updating after every meeting on new developments including achievements and challenges.

We have tried to document some pictures and videos as we do our activities and more are on the way.
Have a blessed New month.

We hope to be able to give our reports on a monthly basis.

torsdag 23. desember 2021

Greetings from Happy day junior school December 2021

fredag 18. juni 2021


2020 var et tøft år. Skolen måtte stenge pga korona og alle faste givere har blitt informert om utfordringer som kom for dagen i den forbindelse. Vi har heldigvis funnet gode løsninger på utfordringene vi hadde, og skolen startet opp igjen etter at myndighetene ga koronalettelser i januar 2021 med ny driftsstruktur. I 2021 går det 50 barn fordelt på fem trinn fra nursery til Grade 2. Skolen er fremdeles helt avhengig av innsamlede midler i Norge og vi trenger mer penger for å opprettholde det tilbudet vi bygget opp før koronaen. 

Vi setter veldig stor pris på månedlige autotrekk til 1503 91 06091! Passer engangsbeløp bedre for deg, kan du bruke samme konto eller VIPPSE til Happy Day junior schools venner #104265. 

Den nye driftsstrukturen er som følger: Styret i Happy day junior schools venner i Norge forvalter alle pengene. Det er ingen administrasjonskostnader og hver måned blir alle de ansatte lønnet direkte fra Norge med tjenesten World Remit (et internasjonalt VIPPS system). De ansatte på Happy day er fire lærere, en kokke, en pedagogisk leder som også underviser og en administrativ leder som jobber deltid. Penger til mat og andre utgifter blir hver måned satt over på en kortkonto knyttet til Happy day juniors schools venner-kontoen. Bedriftskortet til denne kontoen disponeres av den administrative lederen og han dokumenterer alle utgifter overfor styret i Norge. Hele personalet har jevnlige personalmøter og er knyttet til en WhatsApp-gruppe hvor også styret i Happy Day juniors schools venner er med. Dette bidrar til at kommunikasjonskanalene er direkte mellom alle ansatte i Kenya og styret i Norge, og vi har veldig god erfaring med dette så langt. 

På årsmøtet i Happy Day junior schools venner 10. mars 2021 ble disse endringene i driften vedtatt og følgende ble valgt inn i styret i Norge: 

Leder: Titus Mutinda Kawinzi 
Nestleder: Jan Vaaland Johannessen 
Styremedlem: Kjetil Hoem Borgan 
Styremedlem: Øyvind Braaten 

Det gamle styret er fortsatt trofaste støttespillere. 

Har du spørsmål, kontakt leder på